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The International Department currently has 12 staff members (including two departmental secretaries). 100% of them have international education & work experience, and over 50% of them have a PhD degree in the domains of Economics and Management Science. Our staff members have numerous publications in leading international journals and conferences, and manage projects at national, provincial and city levels.

The department is the largest and most professional academic department - not only in Wenzhou University but also in South Zhejiang Province - in terms of teaching international students, and it has a distinguished history of helping students solve real issues to obtain their degrees eventually. Additionally, the department takes the lead in research areas such as IS/IT in Management, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Sociology, Corporate Governance, International Finance, International Trade, Statistics, etc.


Dr. Zheng Xu: MSc in Business Information Technology (Middlesex University); MSc in Project Management (Lancaster University); PhD in Management Science (Lancaster University). Research focus: IS/IT, SME, innovation and

Assoc Prof. Yi Chen: PhD in Economics (Dongbei University of Finance and Economics); Visiting Researcher (University of California ); Research focus: Statistics, International Trade, Import and Export, etc.

Dr. Hongbin Wang: PhD in Economics (Renmin University of China); Research focus: internationalisation of enterprise , international economic organisation, Chinese business economy, European immigration, etc.

Dr. Lu Wang: PhD in Economics (the University of Kansas); Research focus: international trade, international business law, international economics relations, etc.

Mr. Qi Ruan: MBA (Schiller International University); Research focus: international trade, international economics, foreign trade correspondence, accounting, international finance, etc.

Prof. Qi Su: MSc in International Economics (University of Birmingham); Doctor rerum politicarum (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin); Research focus: corporate governance, multinational firms and FDI, international economics, etc.

Ms. Hairong Wu: MA in Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics (Fudan University); Research focus: foreign trade correspondence, sociology, etc.

Ms. Haiying Xu: MA in English; Research focus: organisational behaviour, international economics, etc.

Ms. Yunyan Zhang: MA (Zhejiang University); MBA (University of the West); Research focus: international business negotiation, marketing management, higher education, overseas Chinese education, etc.

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