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Degree: Master of Economics


Profile: This programme has 20 tutors, including 13 professors, 7 associate professors, and 12 doctors. Professor Hu Zhenhua, the person in charge of the master's degree program, is the dean of the Business School (School of Finance) of Wenzhou University, the head of Zhejiang Province's key discipline "Applied Economics" (Twelfth Five-Year Plan), and Zhejiang's first-class discipline "Applied Economics" (Thirteenth Five-Year Plan) Subject leader. In the past five years, we have undertaken 24 national fund projects and 49 social science planning projects of Zhejiang Province and the Ministry of Education. Published 38 authoritative journal papers (including 3 full reprints of "Xinhua Digest" and 2 "Economic Research"), 18 monographs, and 30 provincial and municipal social science achievement awards.


The programme is based on the discipline platform of Zhejiang's first-class discipline "Applied Economics", the key research base of Zhejiang Province's philosophy and social sciences-Wenzhou Human Economic Research Center, and Wenzhou Financial Research Institute two scientific research platforms, focusing on applied economics research. In terms of the theory base, it focuses on the latest developments in applied economic theory and research on frontier issues; in terms of application, it focuses on the use of applied economic analysis tools to study China's macro- and micro-economic reforms and economic development issues.


Research Directions: There are four research directions under this master programme:


1. Industrial Economics: Explore the law of interaction between enterprises within the industry, the law of development of the industry itself, the law of interaction between industries and industries, and industrial policies.


2. Finance: Study how individuals, institutions, and governments obtain, spend, and manage funds and other financial assets, focusing on the socialist financial market with Chinese characteristics and the interpretation of the private financial system.


3. International Trade: Mainly research international trade theory and policy, enterprise internationalization management, international business and global marketing, international trade risk analysis and avoidance.


4. Regional Economics: Mainly study the spatial distribution and development law of productivity under market economy conditions and how to realize the optimal allocation of resources and improve the overall economic benefits of the region based on the advantages of each region.


Duration: three years.


Job Prospects: national party and government agencies, economic management research and planning departments, economic management professional teaching institutions.

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