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Degree: Master of Finance


Profile: This programme has 20 on-campus tutors and 15 off-campus tutors, including 15 professors, 10 associate professors, and 18 doctors. In the past five years, he has undertaken 24 national fund projects (including 1 major project of the National Social Science Fund and 2 key projects) and 49 provincial and ministerial scientific research projects. The research team of this programme has published a total of 154 academic papers, including 38 papers published in "Xinhua Digest", "Economic Research", "Management World", "Sociological Research" and foreign SSCI authoritative journals. 14 monographs have been published. More than 30 provincial, ministerial and municipal social science achievement awards. The person in charge of the master’s program, Dr. Yun Ji, is currently the deputy dean of the Finance Research Institute of Wenzhou University and the head of the Department of Finance. He presides over a number of national social science funds and provincial social science funds. His research fields include innovation economics, entrepreneurial finance, and private finance. Teaching of courses such as "Financial Theory and Policy" for master's degree.


This programme is based on the two scientific research platforms of Zhejiang's first-class discipline "Applied Economics", the key research base of Zhejiang Province's philosophy and social sciences-Wenzhou Human Economic Research Center, and Wenzhou Financial Research Institute. Economic research. Based on its own discipline advantages, actively connect with the development strategy of the country and Zhejiang Province, and cultivate a solid economic and financial theoretical foundation, good professional ethics, innovative and enterprising spirit under the background of the national-level Wenzhou comprehensive financial reform pilot zone. Applied compound high-level financial talents with strong practical ability to engage in financial work.


Students need to systematically master professional knowledge of asset pricing, investment portfolio, financial analysis, etc., and choose a direction for research in the fields of private finance and its supervision, securities investment and wealth management, financial technology, risk management, and behavioral finance. Through financial simulation experiments, professional practice, etc., to enhance the compound application capabilities of data analysis, investment decision-making, and risk management and control.


Duration: two and a half years.


Job Prospects: Financial supervision departments; banking, insurance, securities, asset management and other financial institutions; corporate departments, etc.

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