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Program Name: Socialist Market Economy Theory and Practice (domestic)

Degree: Master of Economics

Mission: The mission of the program is to promote and develop students’ ability and skills of socialist market economy theory and practice. The focus of theory research is on the newest and frontier problems of socialist market economy, while the centres of economy practice is towards the reform and development of Chinese economy using the economic analysis methods.

The program embraces three research topics. 1) socialist market economy and regional development: focusing on the characteristics of regional development, target population, and the structure of social network, extending to the internationalize of China economy and Chinese entrepreneur. 2) Socialist market economy organization and system: concentrating on the theory of Chinese special socialist economy organization as well as the explanation of “Chinese Mode”. 3) Socialist market economy reform and development: guided by the latest achievements of the Marx doctrine in China, this research topic studies the law of China's socialist economic construction and the mechanism of socialist market economy system.

Supervisors: the program currently has 12 supervisors (7 professors, 5 associate professors), 10 of whom had achieved doctoral degree. In the recent 5 years, the staff had undertaken many projects from National Social Science Fund of China (1 key project, 4 genenral project, 1 later sponsored project) and 19 Social Science Planning Project of the Ministry of Education. The staff had also published a series of high impact journal articles as well as 18 books. The research outcomes had been highly recognized by both academic and society, which had won up to 15 awards at both provincial and council level. Candidates who have interest cound contact the following supervisors as list:

Zhenhua Hu, Li Lin, Yili Zhang, Xia Liu, Jianli Luo, Guansheng Yu, Zhanren Zhang, Xuyan He, Xiangqian Yu, Zhongming Cheng, Min Zhang, Yuanhua Li.

Duration: 3 years

Job prospects: public and government institutions, economcy anaylsis and planning departments, economic research and teaching institutions.

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