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Program Name: International Economics and Trade (International)

Degree: BA in Economics

Profile: This BSc in International Trade is heavily career-oriented and based on strong ties to trade and industry within the international market place. Business School has a commitment to being at the forefront of the current and evolving practice of business and thereby facilitating education programs that reflect the realities of the marketplace.

Education Objectives: The objective of the program is to educate graduates who can understand business practice and are able to apply theories and methodologies within international business and marketing sectors. They will be able to independently and professionally perform duties related to international business and marketing within the international market place, ranging from small or medium-sized enterprises to huge international corporations.

Job Prospects: With the intensification of economic globalization, there are increasingly frequent economic and trade exchanges between China and other Countries. Talented individuals that strive on this program are bound to receive a lot of attention; these will be the ones that major in international economy and trade and who are familiar with international practices. They will also be proficient in foreign languages and international trade rules and will have the ability to master the knowledge and skills of trade negotiations.

According to other sources, the employment rate of international economy and trade in recent years is more than 87 percent, which makes it a major with a very high employment rate. Senior practitioners of International economy and trade can become involved in foreign trade enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises, multinational companies or enterprises with the right to operate foreign trade and other foreign economies and trade departments and much more.

The main employment directions include:

-Engaging in operation and management of domestic and foreign Banks and non-bank financial institutions

-Engaging in international trade, financial investment, marketing, e-commerce, international logistics and other fields in industrial and commercial enterprises.

Practical Teaching: 100 percent of courses at WZU are conducted in English. More than 20 staff have been recruited from top universities, research institutes and companies from six countries worldwide. Many of our faculty have hands-on business experience as consultants, entrepreneurs, investors, advisors, board members, and executives.

Duration: 4 years.

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