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Program Name: International Economics and Trade (domestic)

ObjectivesInternational Economics and Trade is a special programme in Zhejiang, and a core programme in Wenzhou. The programme is supported by teaching staff with professional competenceand ranked 55th in China, 4th in Zhejiang, and 1st in Zhejiang in terms of employability. The programme has received the best programme for employment awardin 2017. Within this programmeapplied economics is ranked as the first class subject in Zhejiang with excellent Master degrees. Wenzhou has a long tradition emphasising business development, which has provided a very supportive environment for the development of this programme. The programme is specifically designed to not only assist the students to construct a solid knowledge foundation that associates the contemporary economic and social development, but also advance their innovative thinking, internationalised vision, and entrepreneurial potentials that can be empirically used.

Programme advantages

· In Zhejiang, the programme is ranked 1st for salary, 2nd for further

· Special programme in Zhejiang

· National platform for business discipline competition

· Robust alumni resources

· International + domestic teaching team


Staff: International Economics and Trade Office was established in 1985 to mainly support the programme-related teaching and research work. Currently, it has 17 full-time lecturerstwo professors, eight associated professors, and two foreign lecturers. 75% of the staff have doctor degrees. Additionally, students can be supported by a part-time teaching team formed by senior general managers and salesperson from famous trading companies.

International education:

· Latest international teaching materialsbilingual education  

· Accelerated bachelor’s to master’s programme jointly designed with our Italian branch campus

· International students

· Most graduates work for large international corporations.

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