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Program Name: Financial Engineering (domestic)

ObjectivesThis programme aims to assist students to develop    their financial skills in the following areas: contemporary knowledge of financial theories, financial services, financial risk management, financial transactions management, financial analysis and planning, fundraising structure innovation, cashflow management strategy, data mining and analysis. Students will have sufficient competence to raise fund through various channels (e.g. banks, common fund, etc.), design financial products, communicate and collaborate with multiple parties with different backgrounds, and quickly adapt to complex and changing financial environment. The development of future career is promising!

Training Facilitiesone Million RMB Financial simulation labShenwan Hongyuan Securities (Wenzhou branch)China Galaxy Securities (Wenzhou branch), GF Securities (Wenzhou branch).

Student qualityFirst-level Certificate for National Computer: 100% passing rateCET4: 100% passing rateCET6: over 80% passing rate100% health rate. In the 2016-2017 Zhejiang portfolio investment competition for undergraduate students, our team received 32 first prizes, 43 second prizes, and 127 third prizes.

Employment2016-2018 cohort: Further education abroad (10%)Columbia University (US), Manchester University (UK), University of Southampton (UK), University of London (UK), Singapore Management University, etc.

Further education in China (10%)Zhejiang University, Xiamen University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Jinan University, etc.

Civil servant(5%)National, provincial, and city financial departments

Others(75%):Securities companies, state-owned Banks, state-owned insurance companies, etc.

Main coursesfinancial engineering, financial institutions and market, financial economics, financial econometrics, financial data mining, financial risk management, portfolio investment, commercial banking and management, etc.

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