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Yu Qianqian Vice president

Jul 03,2019

Yu Qianqian, male, Professor of management (2018), vice president (2019) and doctor of Business Administration (2015) of Nanjing University. He has studied in Japan for 7 years, and won the master of Economics (2001) and Bachelor of management (1999) of Hiroshima University of economics. He visited the University of Missouri at St. Louis (2013), the winner of national scholarship for graduate students of the Ministry of Education (2014), tutor of graduate students (2011), Department Director (2008-2010), and director of Sino Japanese cultural exchange center of Wenzhou University (since 2004). "151 talents" of Zhejiang Province (2011), "551 talents" of Wenzhou City (2010), "excellent teachers" of Wenzhou University (2009).

[teaching and scientific research achievements]: academic research focuses on the intergenerational inheritance of family enterprises, entrepreneur tacit knowledge and entrepreneur growth, and presides over more than 20 projects, including one national social science fund, five Ministry of education and provincial self Science Social Science Fund More than 20 papers have been published in authoritative academic journals such as reform (2008), the full text of the National People's Congress has been reprinted four times, one monograph has been published, and one textbook has been compiled; He has won the second prize of Zhejiang University Teachers' educational technology achievement competition (2012), the third prize of Zhejiang philosophy and Social Sciences outstanding achievement award (2015), the second prize of Zhejiang science and Technology Progress Award (2017), the third prize of Zhejiang University outstanding scientific research achievement award (200620102012), and the first prize of Zhejiang United Front Theory and policy research outstanding achievement (2011), The first prize of Wenzhou social science outstanding achievement award (2009). Presided over the excellent courses of "human resource management" (2007), "principles of management" (2008), and completed the excellent online open course of "human resource management" (2016).

[main teaching courses]: principles of management, human resource management, principles and practice of e-commerce, basic Japanese, conversational Japanese.

【Email】: xiangqian@hotmail.com

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