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Notice about the Management of Internship

Mar 12,2021

Considering the difficulties of internship encountered by the international students under the influence of COVID-19, the department negotiated with the school and decided to carry out following measures to manage:


1. For the students (in China or abroad) about to finish their internship based on the previous policy, please carry on and get the remarks and score from your employer. Most importantly, make sure your employer stamps the internship document;


2. The internship diary now is optional;  


3. The internship no longer needs to be eight weeks as required if the internship document can be stamped;


4. For the students have not started (or just started) the internship, the department will manage the internship all together. The new internship plan will be divided into two parts:


Part1: two days field study with two trading companies. (For students in China only. Compulsory!)

Part2: Video learning (all students. Compulsory!)


   Students are required to write a reflection (more than 1,500 words) in relation to the field trip or the videos provided. The department will manage getting the stamps but only for students have finished the reflection.   



Dr.Zheng Xu



Head of International Department


International Department of Business School


12th March 2021

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