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Notice of the Teaching Arrangement of the New Semester

Sep 11,2020

Dear all,


Wellcome to the new semester!


In the past semester, we overcame the difficulties brought by COVID-19 and successfully managed the classes and teaching tasks online. Such achievement cannot be obtained without collaborations, hard-working, and trust. Well done!


In the new semester, while the online classes need to be continued due to the influence of COVID-19, the department decides to resume the off-line classes for the students already on the campus. Several points need to be clarified in order to prepare for the new semester:


1. The classes will be streamed and recorded by DingTalk (http://www.dingtalk.com/);

2. Students cannot participate the off-line classes are strongly encouraged to join DingTalk live-streaming;

3. The recorded classes will be shared with all the students on the class, especially the students could not participate;

4. Students are encouraged to discuss with course lecturers in regard of the means of information sharing.


Please report any concerns or issues to the departmental secretary if necessary.


Many thanks


Dr. Zheng Xu



Head of International Department







Date: 11.09.20

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