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Notice for Preventing Dissertation Plagiarism

Mar 16,2020

Dear all,

We have recently identified several acts of plagiarism for dissertations, so it is important to issue the notice to explain what the plagiarism is, the consequences of plagiarism and how to prevent plagiarism.

Defining plagiarism:

Plagiarism is the process or practice of using another person's ideas or work and pretending that it is your own. The most common forms of plagiarism relating to your dissertations are:

1. Copying

2. Fabrication or misrepresentation

3. Commissioning work/buying essays and software

4. Unacceptable proof-reading

Consequences of plagiarism:

1. Your dissertation will be checked for plagiarism!

2. Plagiarism-detecting software will be used, combined with markers’ (including your supervisors) knowledge of their subject;

3. Your supervisors have the full control to determine if you can participate the viva voce;

4. All students suspected of plagiarism will be subject to an investigation.

Depending on the degree of plagiarism, the penalties may range from deduction of marks to expulsion from the University.

How to prevent plagiarism:

1. Use your own ideas!

2. Add citations when alluding ideas or wording that are not your own;

3. Do not copy & paste sentences and paragraphs from other people’s work;

4. Use quotations when you insert other people’s words into your writing. 

Please consult with your supervisors if you have any issues or concerns.

Many thanks

Zheng Xu

Head of International Department


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