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Notice to Further Consolidate the Management of Dissertation Writing

May 15,2021

Dear all,

We have less than two months left before the start of viva voce, and it is important to reinforce some of the regulations. In the previous notice, tasks and deadlines have already been posted (see below):

Unfortunately, some students still choose not to comply with them. I would like to re-emphasise that the arrangement of tasks and deadlines is critical, and students must follow supervisors’ guidance and maintain regular communication with them. So far,among others, we identified three students (Nyashanu Sarudzai 1651165045; Ndhlovu Shawlyn Lindokuhle 1651165034; Muvunde Simplisio 1651165041) have literally ignored all communication from their supervisor since the beginning of the dissertation writing. This is unacceptable! The department reserves the right to take further actions considered appropriate.

I hope all students can continue working on the dissertation as scheduled. Any issues or concerns, please report to your supervisors, and the department will manage in time.

Many thanks

Zheng Xu

Head of International Department

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